2013 KUGOMA Program

African Spelling Book, participatory videos

sillabario still brAfrican Spelling Book” is a compilation of 20 three-minute films made by a group of street children living in Nairobi. The program is inspired by stories written by the children themselves. Each story reflects their view of life in Kenya and is a unique chance to explore their world and their point of view. Preconceived ideas of Africa are challenged by the children’s take on life. The country is portrayed as tragic, comic, beautiful, vital, but above all, dignified.

Angelo Loy, is a filmaker and participatory video facilitator who has been working in social documentaries (among others, the feature length Black Pinocchio, An Italian School) since 1999, sometimes editing and producing them.

With Giulio Cederna and John Muiruri, a participatory video (PV) training within the AMREF street children rehabilitation project in Nairobi, Kenya. Here he directed several awarded participatory films for national and international broadcasters (such as TV Slum, African Spelling Book, Millennium News, The Turkish Glance). He has been running PV workshops in Italy, France, Switzerland and Morocco.

Currently, he’s artistic director of AMREF’s Participatory Video School in Nairobi.


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